Link Exchange

If you want to have your link posted on this blog, or if you’ve added me to your Blogroll and you would like to have the favor returned, leave a comment bellow. My interest is not focused only on ranks and the traffic though, so I will add your blog/site only if I find it interesting. No hard feelings if I don’t! It’s probably just because you and me have different tastes.

It is possible for us to trade banners and links so if you would like me to post a link, leave the name you want it to appear with, and the address (please make sure it is correct and save me the hassle of trying to reach you). Now, if you would like to exchange banners, things get a bit more difficult. The ones I use are 125/52, so that’s quite abstract :D. Now if you could, I’d greatly appreciate you making one that size, but if you can”t than it can also be the following (in the order I post them): 125/50 or 125/125 (classic square).

P.S.: It is also possible to request an exchange by e-mail, so feel free to find my address(es) in the About section of the blog. It’s up there, next to the page you’re on right now.

This is for the banner:

<a href="; target="_blank"><img src="h" width="125" height="52" border="0" title="The 365 Plan" /></a>

4 comments on “Link Exchange”

  1. Da-mi un banner pentru 365plan sa-l pun la mine pe site! 🙂

    • iti dau pe mess mai pe seara ca azi sunt destul de ocupat. dar sa te uiti daca iti place cel de pe Alecs Online, ca daca nu fac altul 😀 pe mine chestiile astea ma distreaza

  2. Ti-am adaugat bannerul de pe Alecs online 😛
    Daca cumva il schimbi, anunta-ma!

  3. Salut,

    Eu mi-am schimbat adresa blogului si am rugamintea sa modifici linkul blogului meu din blogroll cu acesta
    Titlul: Alice in WonderNet

    Eu te-am adaugat deja in noul blogroll. Multumesc si mult succes in continuare! Cu prietenie, Alice

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