Day 9 – Summer Lunch

By: Alex L.

Jul 14 2010

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Category: The Daily Post


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

I was just going for a walk through the neighborhood when I saw a lot of really beautiful flowers in front of the house of someone I know, and while getting closer to take a few shots, I noticed that there were bees all over them so I believe I made the best out of this opportunity and caught some of both.

On the complaint list, Mirinda, the juice, sucks! Big time! I went to a store to get something to drink while walking and that was all they had (thank God for the economic crisis). People, don’t buy it. It sucks! On the things that you should know list, I posted a wonderful song and recommended a movie on Alecs Online, so check that out.

9 comments on “Day 9 – Summer Lunch”

  1. Bee… Oare de unde imi este cunoscut?:)
    However, poza e geniala!
    Focus-ul e auto sau manual?:)

  2. tu… ai o clara problema. e auto……

  3. Multumesc pentru lamurire. Si stii bine ca asta e problema mea ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Sa folosesti diafragma putin mai mica ๐Ÿ˜€ Un F8 prindea mai multe detalii! (Critic si eu, na) ๐Ÿ˜› In rest, felicitarile mele! Imi place cromatica, lumina, compozitia… Nota 10 din partea mea!

    • mie asta asta imi place. ca sunt clare cele deschise, albina si cateva din fata (hence the word “macro”), iar mai apoi devin neclare. Pe mine personal ma duce cu gandul la o explozie (sort of).

  5. Super! Am incercat si eu cu o albina, insa pe cand sa apas butonul, a zuraaat! (La aparatul meu, compact, timpul de raspuns e de cateva secunde bune.) Dar am prins o buburuza… Ce happy am fost (am experimentat tot cu macro, ca deh, de la o “sapuniera” nu prea poti sa ai asteptari)!

    • Ma bucur ca iti place! Din pacate in ultimul timp nu am mai avut… chef sa ies prin oras si sa caut ceva interesant asa ca nici pozele nu prea sunt nu stiu ce. Cat despre “sapuniera”, am avut si eu unul si stiu cum e. De ce nu (strangi sa) iti cumperi unul?

  6. Nice job, especially when one considers that you used 55mm~

    Will be popping by your blog from now on. And Romania does look very pretty.

    D3000 FTW

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