Day 1 – More than just letters

By: Alex L.

Jul 06 2010

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Category: The Daily Post


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

I took this photo in the last place I taught something good could come out. I spent half my day trying all kinds of stunts with flowers, but most notably with a friend’s dog and while we were on the way back home, she stopped at this fountain near the city’s center to give Jimmy (the dog) some water. I couldn’t help but notice that there were names written all over it and took some photos. I can only guess that the names were of heroes from the revolution, but I really couldn’t find anything about the matter. I think this really proves a point, and that would be: you should always be on the lookout for something to take photos of, because you never know what could come out.

In the “other news” section, the stunt with the dog I mentioned, was me trying to photograph him on a skateboard, so I will post a link soon to a Picasa album with photos from the entire “shooting session”.

4 comments on “Day 1 – More than just letters”

  1. Hai, draga, ca nenea face poze aici!
    I can see my name there! :))
    Nice, really nice!:)

    • era doar o mama care vroia sa isi grabeasca pruncul :)) nu e prima care se foloseste de asta. multumesc 😀

  2. and what if it’s a leap year? o.O
    nice blog 😛

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